ProComm Builders, LLC is a company created the by the families of the Brentwood Hutterite Colony. All the homes we build are built with highest standards of quality and aesthetics. We are revolutionizing ultra efficient homes by pioneering inventive ways of building the houses that save time, and save you money.

ProComm is managed by Joel and Jared Wollman and Elias Stahl. We are a family-based business and family members provide a consistent work force. Additional tradespeople are required for specialized tasks needed for completing each home. Because of our 33,000 sq. foot production facility, we are not hampered by weather when it comes to keeping your house on schedule. It also protects against mold from outdoor elements like rain and snow. Our homes are custom-designed and built using a continuous scaffold system allowing us to quickly work on any part of the house from roof to walls. We don’t have to expend labor or incur down time simply to reposition ladders or scaffolds. Once we start building, there’s nothing to get in the way of a quick but highly accurate completion.

We pride ourselves on exacting pricing. We believe, as do most bankers, that unforeseen, expensive surprises are no way to build a house. We plan everything out for you so that an accurate budget is created and maintained throughout the entire process. We help you choose the design, layout, and finishing touches that fit in any budget. We do understand that things change, and we are more than willing to work through new ideas along the way. Ultimately the finished home is up to you and your budget.

The first person you’ll talk to will be Jerry Reif our sales consultant. Jerry will work with you throughout the entire process and will make sure your wishes and dreams end up in your new home.

If you’ve never seen houses built indoors, it certainly is a sight to see. We welcome you to stop by for a tour! Just call ahead to schedule a time and so we can tell you exactly how to get here.

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