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Our homes range in size from 800 sq. ft. to 2,500 sq. ft. We’ve streamlined the process of creating uniquely designed and stylized ranch homes, perfect for the retiree, first-time home buyer, or growing family.

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Our Process

Your house begins with a blank slate. With your input, and after a good-faith down payment, we start designing your house. When plans are approved, we start building, completely indoors.

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Available Options

ProComm is proud to use only the highest rated building materials for interior and exterior finishing. Our method of indoor construction accommodates large homes and endless customization options.

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Floor Plan Design

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Why Choose Us?

Innovative Indoor Construction


We love the great outdoors!  We also believe it should be kept out of your home.  Our 33,000 square foot production facility allows us to build complete houses inside, which protects every aspect of the building process from getting wet, baked in the sun, or exposed to high winds.  This eliminates mold and mildew, overly dried limber and improper installation of certain products.  Your home is delivered sealed and dry.

Energy Efficiency


We can proudly say we build the most efficient homes available in our area. We take the time, and use the best materials, to ensure that your home is built tight. No air leaks around outlets or light switches, no leaks around windows or doors. Our homes are built with such extreme standards that you can use a furnace and air conditioner unit suitable for a home half the size.

Custom Floor Plans

Our homes range from an efficient 800 square feet to a roomy 2400 square feet.  Bring us your plans, or start with one of ours- we’ll make adjustments until you get exactly what you want.  We design and build to fit your way of life.

Quality Craftsmanship

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Almost all work performed on our homes is done by highly skilled members of the Brentwood Hutterite Colony, from to framing to finish.  This allows us to have complete control when it comes to quality of craftsmanship, ensuring delivery of your highest expectations.

Ready To Move


As you can imagine, moving a house and setting it on a foundation is work best left to the experts. We use companies that have been in the house moving business for 40 years. We can coordinate everything for you including the building of your foundation to final delivery and hook ups.

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